My Book – The Intelligent Fund Investor

My first book, The Intelligent Fund Investor, will be published by Harriman House on the 29th November 2022. 

Fund investing is a fiendishly complex decision making problem. We are faced with a countless range of options and are constantly distracted by meaningless noise and turbulent markets. By asking fund investors to reconsider their beliefs and understand their behavioural biases, The Intelligent Fund Investor shows how we can make better investment decisions.

Each chapter explores a critical aspect of fund investing and provides specific steps on how to avoid the major pitfalls. Areas covered include:

– Why we should avoid star fund managers.
– The dangers of funds with smooth returns.
– How good stories make for terrible investments.
– Why past performance is the worst possible basis for investing in a fund.
– How the incentives of the industry are often misaligned with its investors.

And much more…

You can pre-order a copy here.

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“Researchers in behavioural finance have spent decades cataloguing all manner of cognitive biases. For investors, and fund managers, that is only a starting point. Recognizing how these biases influence your behaviour, and sidestepping them, is the key to better investment decision making. Wiggins does this and more in his blog and new book The Intelligent Fund Investor.”

Tadas Viskanta, Founder and Editor of Abnormal Returns and Director of Investor Education at Ritholtz Wealth Management

“Joe’s observations about both portfolio manager and underlying investor behaviour are astute, important, and thought-provoking.”

Clare Flynn Levy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Essentia Analytics

“Joe’s continuous insights on behavioural finance and investor psychology lays the groundwork on ways investors can control their emotions and position themselves for success in investing. There is no doubt that professional and retail investors can learn, grow and become better long-term investors by reading Joe’s work.”

Justin Carbonneau, Partner Validea Capital and co-host Excess Returns Podcast

“One of the oft overlooked keys to successful investment is the ability to control the behavioural biases and weaknesses in decision making to which we are all vulnerable. Joe does an excellent job of explaining the challenges faced by investors and draws on his own experience as a professional investor to suggest ways of addressing these challenges. His writing is always engaging, insightful and grounded in the real world of investing.”

Dan Kemp, Global Chief Investment Officer at Morningstar Investment Management

“Joe writes with great clarity about the biggest obstacle to investors achieving their financial goals — their own behavior. His advice is suitable for individual and institutional investors alike and is in stark contrast to the efforts of most financial writing, which tries to predict a future that is inherently unknowable.

Simon Hallett, former Chief Investment Officer at Harding Loevner, Chairman of Plymouth Argyle football club

“If you are looking for common sense, look no further than Joe Wiggins. A student of behavioural economics and human heuristics, his thoughts and observations are frequently amongst the most insightful, and useful, I read in markets today. Well worth your time.”

Nick Kirrage, co-head of the Global Value Team at Schroders

“A natural contrarian, keen to challenge the established wisdom of the crowd, Joe is a breath of fresh air to the manager selection community.  Building on the foundations of his  extensive manager selection experience for market leading investment firms, his behavioural research and insights can help both amateur and professional fund investors avoid becoming their own worst enemies in achieving their goals.”

James Millard, Chief Investment Officer at Hiscox

“Joe Wiggins is a fount of knowledge on behavioural finance and fund investing, and explains the subject in a thoroughly engaging way.”

Robin Powell, author of Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom